Aachron Knowledge Systems

Aachron Knowledge Systems© (AKS) educates clients about the equity value of different forms of global African arts by providing a sweeping platform for addressing questions about the value of global African arts and cultural knowledge. It evaluates the value of African and African Diaspora knowledge especially in relation to arts and cultural practice to determine why these knowledge resources are undervalued in relation to comparative practices from other cultural producers. The persistent undervaluing of African cultural knowledge directly contributes to marginalization of traditional and contemporary African arts, which in turn affects the economic and equity value of global African artworks and artists. AKS proposes that in the information economy, global African art and cultural knowledge in all forms represent a major cultural heritage with direct financial and equity value that needs to actively managed. In this regard, Aachron Knowledge Systems© provides a systematic structural program of knowledge management designed to educate clients on how to enhance the equity value of different forms of global African arts and cultural knowledge. Through the Aachron Knowledge System program, Aachron creates, organizes and disseminates educational resources on global African arts for use by scholars in academic and art institutions, individual art collectors, students, and the general public.